Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences

1- How to get the "entry code" and "application number" to start the session?

To obtain this code and number "obtain entry code" button must be clicked and the required information must be filled in. The personal entry code and application number provided for you will be e-mailed to you.

2-What should be done when the "entry code" has been lost?

If you have lost your entry code click "forget entry code " button and proceed from there by following the information on the page.

3-How to correct for the identity information if it is incorrect/missing (for METU students/graduates)?

If identity information appears incorrect, proceed with the information existing and complete the application, however a letter should be submitted to the Registrar's Office requesting to correct the incorrect/missing information with a photocopy of identity card /passport.

4-What can be done if the application does not 'Submit'?

This occurs when the compulsory fields are not filled in. For that reason, you need to make sure that compulsory field information should be filled in fully.

5- Is it possible to apply a graduate program without applying to take the English proficiency exam?

A valid and recognized exam is required to be submitted with the application.

6- Is it possible to apply a graduate program without applying to ALES/GRE exams?

A valid and recognized ALES/GRE exam result must be submitted with the application.

7- Is it possible to start the application process without declaring a valid score received from the English proficiency and ALES/GRE exams?

The application wouldn't be evaluated.

8- How can be an applicant be corrected if the 'freeze' button has been clicked with wrong information entered?

A letter (together with an e-mail address) indicating the incorrect information should be forwarded to the application address. The letter will be evaluated and it will be decided if the mistake has been done by the candidate's own negligence or carelessness. The candidate will be informed by e-mail. If there is a negligence of candidate the request can only be reprocessed after a new application fee has been paid.

9- Can the 'final copy' be altered?

The signature on the 'Final Copy' means that the information both on the print-out and on the on-line version on computer are the same and accurate. The information on the print-out and on the on-line version must be exactly the same. For this reason no changes must be made on the print-out.

10- If the print out of "final copy" is improper what should be done?

When an improper print out occurs in the "Final Copy" print-out version, the final result should be obtained from another printer. Format corrections shouldn't be done by means of CUT/PASTE procedure.

11- For which department applications portfolio is required and when and where those should be submitted?

If the candidate is applying to one of the following programs,

Architecture- Architecture

Architecture- Building Science

Architecture- Restoration

City and Regional Planning-City Planning

City and Regional Planning Regional Planning

City and Regional Planning Urban Design

then a portfolio containing a selection as evidence of the level of work performed in the previous academic and/or professional career is required to be submitted to the deparment. This procedure is required to be completed in within a few days shortly after the application documents are sent to the related Department's Head by the Insitute.

If the application is to Industrial Design then, the portfolio (if any) is required to be submitted to the Department's Head during the interview.

12- Where to apply for technical errors encountered during the application?

You can apply by e-mail

13- Is it possible to be registered to more than one graduate program at the same time?

You may apply to more than one graduate program and get acceptance, however, you can register to only one program.

14- What to do if your school/field is not listed?

If your school is not listed in the related field, send an e-mail to and make a request to add it.

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