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25/04/2018 - 15:24

The mission of METU Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences (GSNAS) is to educate the graduate students in various fields (for career in teaching, research, industry and other) for professional success with ethical standards. GSNAS, assists in the realization of university policies in collaboration with the other units in accordance with the above objective. It supports maintaining high standards in student admissions and increasing the acceptance of highly qualified students from different sources. It tries to mitigate, develop and growth of interdisciplinary programs by enabling communication and coordination among disciplines with joint projects. In addition to academic programs, it creates conductive atmosphere for the preparation of graduate programs towards individual professional development. It strives for the enrichment of the interdisciplinary research activities to acquire METU the identity of a research university and supports partnership and collaborative projects with industry and government. It tries to simplify and minimize the procedures and stages in all activities. It supports and strives to increase high-level technological supported projects which are in line with the country's science and technology policy and which will serve humanity, and Turkey's welfare and also which will make a positive impact on the economy of Turkey.