Students who are going to defend the thesis must submit all the documents mentioned below to the related EABD (Department). Since these documents, which will be forwarded to our institute by the related EABD, need to be delivered to our institute no later than 1 month before the date student will enter the thesis defense, it is very important that the students take these periods into consideration.

* The thesis supervisor must prepare and sign 2 Original Reports before and after the thesis defense (after the corrections are completed). It is enough to print the first page of the similarity index for the originality report.

** Students must use any of the Word or Latex thesis templates on the Thesis Writing Process page to minimize any errors that may occur in the format of the thesis. Our institute is not responsible for any errors that may arise in theses created except these templates.

 NOTE: The last day to be able to enter thesis defense can be found in the academic calendar.


Students who successfully complete their thesis defense must take the following steps within one month following the thesis defense:

  1. Makes the corrections specified by the jury members.
  2. Takes the thesis draft from the department secretariat and makes the format corrections specified by the Institute on the draft.
  3. Updates the thesis title and thesis summary on oibs 71 or from the same program link that can be accessed from
  4. Takes the originality report signed by the thesis advisor.
  5. Binds at least four copies of the thesis (five copies for the students who have a co-supervisor);***
  6. Ensures that all the fields on the approval page of the thesis are signed by the related faculty member. Blue ink must be used for all signatures.
  7. If postponement of access is requested (6 months for publications, 2 years for the patent) or confidentiality (in case of national interests, defense, security, etc.) is requested;
    1. Letter of application prepared by the student
    2. Letter of application prepared by the supervisor
    3. Submission of request to the Institute with cover letter prepared by the related department
    4. The discussion and termination of request in Institute Executive Board
    5. While submitting the copy of the thesis to METU library Date of the decision and Number of the decision must be specified.
  8. Uploads the thesis to OpenMETU (  Please check: video for uploading the graduate thesis to OpenMetu and hard copy submisson to the library
  9. Fills the YOK Thesis Entry Form and prints it.
  10. Creates a CD containing the PDF version of the thesis. The name of the PDF file should be the reference number (Ex: 10155525.pdf) given in YOK Thesis Entry Form.
  11. Delivers the thesis signed by the related faculty members (except the institute director) and the following documents to the relevant institute personnel on the second floor of the institute;
    1. Originality Report
    2. Printout of YOK Thesis Entry Form
    3. CD containing a PDF version of the thesis
  12. Takes the thesis from the same institute personnel after a minimum of three workdays.


In addition, student, who takes the thesis signed by the institute director, keeps one copy for himself/herself and then****;

  • submits one copy to the Acquisitions & Cataloging Department located on the ground floor of METU Libary***,
  • submits one copy to the department secretariat,
  • submit one copy to the thesis supervisor (and also co-supervisor if any)


*** Thesis Permission Form must be added at the end of the library copy.

**** Students may multiply more than one thesis for themselves.

NOTE: For all your questions about graduation, you need to contact the Registrar's Office.