Student is obliged to provide complete documents. Applications with incomplete or incorrect documents will not be accepted. In this case, an automatic message is sent to the students by the METU computer system. It is not possible for the students to complete their documents after the application deadline. Such requests are not accepted.
The submission can be removed until the application deadline and the missing documents can be uploaded to the system or the errors can be corrected. After each correction or upload, the submit button should be pressed. If this is not done, the last information recorded in the system is valid. It is not possible to complete any correction or deficiency after the deadline. Claims in this direction will not be accepted
No. On the GSNAS website, only the minimum conditions required to apply are specified. For admission to the program, department may ask for additional requirements examination / interview / other conditions. Final decision is given by the department.
Applications are valid for the period applied and cannot be transferred to the next semester.
Yes You can apply more than one department/program at the same time.
According to METU Graduate Education-Instruction Regulations, except for non-thesis master programs, multiple graduate programs cannot be enrolled and continued at the same time.
In accordance with the regulations of the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) published on 04 February 2015, students who are enrolled in any non-thesis master program before February 6, 2013 can apply to doctoral programs. Those who are enrolled in any non-thesis program after 06 February 2013 cannot register for doctoral programs.
According to the regulations of the Council of Higher Education (YÖK), minimum ALES score must be at least 80 and undergraduate GPA must be at least 3. However, the department may determine higher application criteria. For minimum application requirements for each department, please see the application criteria from the Gradute School of Natural Applied Sciences web site.
The pre-registration process of newly admitted students is done by the Registrar's Office (ÖİDB).
In case of application with missing or expired documents, the application is rejected by the Institute and the missing document e-mail is sent to the student.
Yes. When the application date is completed, the applications are checked and if your application is complete, a message will be sent to the e-mail address you registered in the system.
An acceptance or a reject mail will be sent to the e-mail address you registered in the system after the approval of Institute Board of Directors.
Citizens of countries whose main or official language is English and who have graduated from a higher education institution providing English language education in the last three years are not required to receive a certificate of English proficiency.
Candidates who apply for graduate programs are not required to re-certify their English proficiency, provided that the students who registered in graduate programs at the University for at least one semester in the last four semesters from the date of application. Ex-score should satisfy the conditions of the program that is applied for. Those who continue as special students are not accepted as registered students of the program.
The English language exam scores are valid for two years from the date of the exam.
If your dual citizenship is from a country with an official English language and if you have graduated from an institution providing English language courses, you can exemp from English.
The contact form on our web site ( should be filled (Please select the departmant that you want to apply on contact form) and sent. The content of the mail should include The full name of university in English and university’s web site.
Yes. You need to check application criterias for English score of graduate programme and check the conversion table.
You should contact the relevant department. For ALES-GRE conversion table, see our Institute web page.
For special student processes, you should check student affairs web page
The instructor must check his / her spam box.
The security of the specified address may be blocking the text extension mails. This obstacle must be removed (university or academic staff should remove the obstacle.)
If the problem can not be solved, the contact form on our web page ( should be filled and sent including this subject.
When the application date is over, the system closes. After this date, it is not possible to load reference letters into the system. Therefore, application is not accepted.
No. In the Academic Information section, a transcript showing your courses and grades, approved by the graduated university must be uploaded. METU graduates/students can upload a transcript downloaded from METU-SIS program.
Yes. Student certificate should be taken in last two months.
Please contact the department that you want to apply to take information about this issue.
Yes. The official transcript approved by the university where the student receives the document must be uploaded. METU graduates / students can upload a transcript from METU-SIS program to the application program.
No. It is not possible to complete any deficiency or making any correction after the expiry of the application period. Claims will not be accepted for this issue.
Please check the FBE web site for the minimum application requirements ( Contact with department that you want to apply for the information about the additional exams/interviews conducted by the department.
Please contact with department that you applied for the interview dates.
There is no defined quota for graduate departments in METU GSNAS. Departments can determine the number of students that will be accepted according to teaching staff workload and existing number of students.
No. The result of ALES should be written exactly including the decimal numbers. The points rounded to the whole number are considered incorrect information and the application is rejected due to incorrect information entry.
Yes. However, you must have graduated before the end of the pre-registration period.
It is valid for 5 years from the date of the exam result document.
If the ALES score meets the criteria of the Institute Branch of Graduate School applied, and
• If the student is enrolled in any graduate program at METU,
• If METU has taken a break from any graduate program or has taken a semester break after graduation, it may be used.
However, special student status is not included in this scope.
In applications for master's degree, it can be taken from faculty members, lecturers, or the institution where the student works.
For PhD applications, one of the reference letters must be taken from the student's master thesis advisor. The other can be taken from another faculty member, lecturer, or institution where the student works.
Please refer to the application requirements of the relevant Institute Branch.
Yes you need to upload transcripts. It is obligatory to upload:
• Undergraduate transcript for Master applications,
• Both undergraduate and graduate transcripts for Doctoral applications.
Applications for those who do not upload transcripts are rejected due to missing documents.
Those students at any higher education institution in Turkey are exempt from the application fee. Therefore, application fee receipt section on the online application system is closed for those students.
Foreign students who studied in a university abroad must submit a certificate of recognition from the Higher Education Council (YÖK). A recognition certificate is not requested during application. It should be submitted during the registration.
Please visit the Higher Education Council (YÖK) web site for the recognition certificate.
Conditional admission may be made in line with the department opinion without GRE certificate for foreign students
Conditional admission may be made for only foreign students if the related department deems appropriate. When conditional admission made for a student, this student has to take 2 elective courses and attend classes during the related semester. If the student takes grade BB or higher from this courses, s/he can continue to the program, otherwise, s/he is dismissed from the program.
Conditional acceptance can also be made within the scope of the Government Scholarships granted to foreign students.
Foreign students must pay fees in the currency used in the application system.

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