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25/04/2018 - 16:13

The objective of graduate study is to develop personel intellectual perspective and depth in any field of study and to have specialized training for career in education, research, industry or in management. Advanced courses are taken at graduate level and original researches uncovers talent for innovative problem solving and creative team work enriches leadership and communication skills.

There may be several valid reasons for following graduate studies. But the most important one is that, social, scientific and engineering knowledge is growing at a very fast rate and contemporary technology requires highly specialized knowledge in greater depth. Graduate programs will prepare the students with advanced courses in different fields. Our Web page shows how to apply and what are the requirements and options for study towards various graduate degrees. It also provides a description of the faculty members, their current research interests and programs and the facilities of the university. Since 1982 Graduate School of Applied and Natural Sciences has tried to motivate all its departments to be more active in fundamental and applied research in order to tranfer the METU to a research university.

It has selected the mission of fostering highly qualified graduate education and to increase research funding facilities and the number of students. In the last five years METU accepted graduate students to its graduate programs for career in teaching. The Graduate School is planning to enhance and support those research studies which will be carried by the multi-departmental, multi-faculty and multi-university especially for producing a product, a procedure that can foster the economy of the country in the 21st century.