20132 Dönemi


Orientation Graduate Seminars, xxx799


This seminar course is structured from different seminars that are orginized by Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences (GSNAS). Seminars cover technical, social, cultural, and educational issues to orient graduate students of different PhD Programs.


Weeks Time Place Topics Speaker Poster PPT Video
20.02.14 15:40 KKM
D Hall
Introduction and Publication Ethics Dr. Canan Özgen
27.02.14 15:40 KKM
C Hall
3L (Litarature, Language, and Life) Dr. Tanvir Wasti
06.03.14 15:40 MM
Morality in Communication Dr. Ahmet İnam
13.03.14 15:40 MM
Tsunami in the Oceans and Mediterranean Dr. Cevdet Yalçıner
20.03.14 15:40 MM
A safe harbor in the perfect storm called academia: Relationships and Family Dr. Emre Selçuk
27.03.14 15:40 KKM
D Hall
Turkish Foreign Policy Dr. Meliha Altunışık
03.04.14 15:40 KKM
D Hall
Professional Ethics Dr. Harun Tepe
10.04.14 15:40 KKM
C Hall
World Ecological Crisis and Challenges Ahead Dr. Meryem Beklioğlu
17.04.14 15:40 MM
Gender Discrimination and Woman Rights Dr. Feride Acar
24.04.14 15:40 MM
Effective Communication in Teaching Dr. Oya Yerin Güneri
08.05.14 15:40 MM
History of Science Dr. Mehmet Tomak
15.05.14 15:40 KKM
D Hall
Morality and Architecture within Domains of Science, Morality and Art: The Case of Architecture Dr. Aydan Balamir
29.05.14 15:40 KKM
D Hall
A Dose of Art for Contemporary Citizens Dr. Erol Sayın