Orijinality Report


According to Article 29 of Middle East Technical University Rules and Regulations Governing Graduate Studies, advisors should create an originality report through plagiarism software before the defense date. Therefore, advisors should make contact with Computer Center and request for Turnitin Instructor Account.

Note: Advisors who have Turnitin account should create a Turnitin account for their students and ensure students submit their thesis to Turnitin.




ARTICLE 29– (1) In order for a Master's or doctoral thesis to be defended before a thesis examining committee for the first time or at the end of the additional period granted by the committee, the following requirements should be fulfilled:

a) The report showing the similarity index of the thesis should be received by the thesis supervisor by running the thesis through plagiarism software.

b) The similarity percentage of the thesis should be smaller than the maximum similarity index set by the concerned administrative board.

c) The similarity index report should be distributed to the members of the thesis examining committee together with the thesis after the approval of the thesis supervisor.

(2) After the thesis work is completed,

a) the plagiarism report showing the final status of the Master's or doctoral thesis should be received and approved by the thesis supervisor,

b) the bound copies of the thesis should be submitted/presented to the concerned GS Chair,

c) the bound copies of the thesis should be approved by the concerned GS Chair and  presented to the concerned GS directorate for approval.

(3) In case of detection of plagiarism in a thesis, disciplinary action will be taken against the student according to the concerned articles of the Rules and Regulations Governing Disciplinary Procedures in Institutions of Higher Education published in the Official Gazette No. 28388 dated 18 August 2012. 




How to use plagiarism software (Turnitin)